Monday, July 31, 2006

The children of Qana, Lebanon

I am told that terrorists kill indiscriminately
I am told that sovereign countries are not terrorists
I am told children play like children do,
but not the ones in Qana -
they happened to be on the other side of the fire
they happened to be children in Lebanon.

Why can't I finish writing this,
when it's so clear what is wrong -
I am not a politician
I am not the UN
I am not a diplomat
I am not an intellect
I am not a Nobel Peace Prize winner
I am not a soldier
I am not a prayer
I am not a voter who matters
I am a tax payer into the biggest military in the world.

I am overwhelmed by lifeless children's bodies.
I am overwhelmed by the wanton destruction.

This is too irrational to make sense,
and I don't take this daily death ritual very well.

DW July 31, 2006