Monday, June 30, 2008

Chew da phat

Mama mama mama, da drama, mama Black gold is chewing da phat I'm driiving lez, thanx prez dick Drinking lez, cranx black cold Lez cash four my internet/cell/ oil well Ya taking my dizposible cash, dip stix, dam dix Tick tok, clock my gluck, smoke a rock Black gold is chewing da phat Why can't big corp fight that For me, for you, against the sand fields, Let's drive lez, make da point, annoint and Stitch my mouf, my i's, my pocket rocket Dam pay da supplya, pay four da sand castle, Where 'r the four winds 2 blow them all away? Yer taking from me and I pay, I pay What else can you say? Turn yer head from the sand hole, ash-hole Drink yer black gold, I'm not sold nor bought You slay, I fought. Thanx Coldplay 'n Radiohead for your latest


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