Friday, February 28, 2014

Without the right words -

I leaf through the paper every morning,
same news, different places, same pain.
I am rarely moved.

When I saw this photograph (attached to email with link),
I did a double take.
No, this wasn't a made Hollywood movie shoot,
this was real reality.

How can anyone inflict this pain, even on their enemy?
Wasn't this enemy one day your neighbor? Your friend?
Your co-worker? Your human brother?

What is all this ethnic/religious warfare for?
Isn't easier to live in peace?

Just look at this photograph,
the exodus - one on top of another.
Nothing to eat but dirt and a bullet to relieve the pain.

No, this is not a poem that will solve anything,
I can't write anything that hasn't been already said,
by those in power, by those actually living this atrocity.

What can I do damn it?
I am too naive.

From the NTIMES, Thursday, February 27, 2014


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