Saturday, May 02, 2015

Kings Park 15 kilometer race - March 2015: Post Race Review

The soundtrack of this event, even the practice runs leading to this date is the latest, and great album/CD by SIMPLE MINDS, Big Music. All of the songs captured my mood, the surroundings of the Kings Park neighborhood.

This race was the longest distance that I have competitively completed, and I went on 3 separate weekends to run the race route, to gauge and test the hills. The most difficult and steepest hill I have ever ran was on Kohr Road. The first time I did a practice run and saw Kohr Road hill, I knew I was in trouble and that I needed to practice on hills.

The weather on race day was not the best. But when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. There was a constant drizzle throughout the day. Considering that this was my longest race, I started with a deliberate slow pace, and as my body warmed up, I noticed that I picked up the pace. Up hill, down hill, up hill, down hill. What goes up must go down. Mile after mile, I maintained a steady pace. The cold weather and drizzle kept my body temperature even.

I didn't bother to stop at any of the water stops, fearing a stomach contamination as in the past when I don't drink bottled water. Sometimes I pictured myself as a camel in the desert.

This race took place 2 days my step-father's birthday, and 2 years after his passing. I know he's proud of me.

Well as the race started on a downhill, and ended where it started, I knew I would have to push on the uphill and smile for the camera. There's video posted of all the finisher's crossing on Youtube. I don't look good on the outside, but inside, I was a king at Kings Park.


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