Thursday, January 19, 2006

Beach bums, by Reo Del Cigarrillo

There they are,
the regulars, the beach bums,
they are here all year long,
yes, even winter
I know it, I see them.

They resent the summer crowds,
they feel that the beach gets mistreated
and not revered as it should be.
After all it's nature, wide open,
the ocean could suck them
with one big wave, if she felt like it.

Many dip into the water
with their belongings, jewelry,
they rather take it there
than chancing it on the blanket.

The ocean doesn't discriminate,
if you drop it, it's gone
there are no exchanges or returns,
that is the ocean policy.

Consider yourself lucky,
the ocean could claim a stake
in your life and spit you out
somewhere you have never been
and to see things with a different
perspective, you know?

Take it from the beach bums,
hang out, enjoy the sun
have a little fun
look at the girls with the new bikini styles.

From Salt 'N Pepper
COPYRIGHT:Reo Del Cigarrillo