Thursday, February 01, 2007

Where do you spammers get the idea
that anyone in here is interested
in the garbage and filth you are posting?
Do you really see yourself as a reliable source
of deliverable products?
Do you really think it warrants all the effort
to go through the website and
annoy those of us who wouldn't give you
a dime for your trash?
Why would anyone buy anything from spammers,
I mean, you are worse than anything worth repeating?
Is your purpose in life less than that of an amoeba,
at least excrement is processed as a secondary product?
I know you spammers won't read this,
most likely you'll never even bother to come back to this website,
you have annoyed all of us here, who tolerate most any crap;
to say you are ridiculous would imply any sense of worth,
in this case, zero.