Monday, September 26, 2016

Run Bike Day

Sunday, September 25th, 2016, a few days after the end of the summer season, and I wore long sleeve shirt and gloves to go out jogging. What? How's that possible? The other day I had the air conditioner on in the car and sweating through my office shirt. 

I planned to go for a long run, so I left the house around 4:45 a.m. I was feeling good and full of energy. As I jogged westbound on Sunrise Highway in Rockville Centre, I saluted a couple of cyclists at this holy hour with their LED lights on their handlebars, and they, in turn, saluted me. They must've known that I am, as well,  a cyclist,  besides a runner and swimmer. I kept jogging north on North Village road, and made a right, eastward, on DeMott Avenue. Headed north along Hempstead Avenue, right on Locust Avenue, right again on Long Beach Road southbound. 

At the fork in the road in front of Gino's Pizza in RVC, I took the left side onto Oceanside Road, past Sunrise Highway, and made a left on Brower Avenue. This joined Atlantic Avenue in the Baldwin Harbor area. I headed back home along Grand Avenue northward, left on Merrick Road westward, then home sweet home. I had a bicycle water bottle outside the front steps of my house waiting for me. I ran for close to 10 uninterrupted miles, without breaking or stopping to catch my breath. I had plenty of energy, and reminded myself that I need 3 full days of no sports to fully recover and be able to perform like this morning. I wasn't tired, or cranky, like when I exert myself to this level. 

For the Brooklyn Rock and Roll Half Marathon I should taper the Wednesday of that week if the race is on Saturday. This will be my fourth Half Marathon, and although I haven't been specifically training for this distance, I hope that I still have the residual strength and stamina from the triathlon training. We'll see.. . . . .

Later in the same morning, I went biking from LIU through the hilly roads of Oyster Bay, and back, for approximately 16 miles. I haven’t biked through these roads in quite a while, except for organized events like the Tobay Triathlon or the Nassau-Suffolk Bike Challenge.  It is great to be out there, enjoying the views of the road, breathing hard on the steep hills, and recuperating on the down hills. 


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