Friday, October 28, 2005

The importance of cell phones:

A conversation

the cell phone rings....

Hey, what's scratching?-

Just calling to see what's up?

Everything's the same,
you know, nothing changes.-

How's C. Lo?

She looks good today.-

Maybe she's got a new man
and her husband doesn't know it.
You gotta see Aida Potato,
she looks good too.-

She's going out with the Spaniard
and her husband doesn't know it either....
I can't remember his name.

Too bad you are not here,
right now in front of the building,
there's this Guyanese American Princess,
a "gap", you know,
walking with short short khaki pants,
tight shirt you can see her rack,
walking real fast to Security Desk.-

You outta sit outside
and introduce yourself,
give her your meat.

Did you know your buddy
Elias Xanapapoulos quit?-

You mean Jumbo Greek?

Yeah, he had it with your co-workers.-

Nah, he was bringing his family to Texas

How about Connie,
how is she looking?-

Not that good, the age
and the sun reveal her leather face
Too bad, her rack is beautiful.-

Are you still working at the cemetery?

Yeah, I am working the graveyard shift.-

Alright man, I gotta go, talk to you later.

Alright Mamoni-

No, that's Super Mamoni to you

Alright man, talk to you later,

get me some cholas next time.

Press button, hang up.