Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Saturn dispelled the quaking rumor
as cigarette rings orbited Jupiter's sphere.
The moon had a frown removed
from its worried and wrinkled forehead.

Winter settled in and stirred melancholy
in a crystal glass filled with blues.
Dreams precipitate inside snowflakes,
cover the ground of broken spirits.

Tired from undulating flags landed to drape
the ashes of sleepy eyes.
The clear skies seen from the distant
waterfalls removed rusty fruits.

Curtains closed to avoid the eclipse
of the truth in the mouth of the snake.
Constellations of virgin sirens tempt
pirates to fall victimized as Neptune
waits in the Pacific Ocean and
fill the coffers with enchanting evenings.

Pinch the dark night of the squeaky
rocking chair, singing lullabies to
dandelions, daffodils and crickets
in the complacent lawn of suburbia.

The Winter of Autumn