Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Morning Deliveries

A star planet during a routine morning,
making the delivery of meteor news
misguided it's aim and broke
the bathroom glazed window

The meteor smashed the steamed mirror,
as the earth finished taking a shower
and drying up with a valley grass covered towel

The meteor, window and mirror were shattered
in smithereens. The earth couldn't brush
its hair rays with the tree branch and no mirror

The mirror had to grant seven years
of bad luck. However, the meteor grants
any wish made by those who follow
its trajectory into oblivion

The sun was in a rush to light up
the morning cover and didn't have time
to quibble with curses and wishes

The earth decided to deal with the star planet,
who made the morning delivery and get
him to pay for the damages and inconveniences

The meteor pleaded that he was just passing
through and had no intention of sticking
around for any prolonged discussion

While the argument lasted the entire day,
in the evening the earth still couldn't brush
it's teeth without looking at the broken mirror

The sun left both the earth and the meteor
that evening. Everything was dark during
the night passage.

It didn't matter, tomorrow, the star planet
would make another delivery and the
headlines will change anyway

From unpublished Winter of Autumn