Monday, February 13, 2006

I axidentally shot a democrat

I axidentally shot a democrat,
not blind or stoopid,
not 1'o Dick's engry liberalls,
you kinded coopid,
wait on a man in overalls.

When I shoot, I shoot
like a man with a shotgun
not flowers of a yungman
blaster, holler, don't loot.

What am I supposed 2 do,
tell da adman about it,
oops and sorry, see 2 sue,
disperse and shout it.

Take this grin
2 the face of a imam,
wit 4 wit, twit is it,
fight mad man, you dam.

Do I have cynic time
2 gow hunt more quail,
where all the picnic mice
and men head duck email?