Thursday, February 09, 2006

New York 1990

Dirt riddled empty sidewalks
concrete passages into darkness arrives
crowded streets lumping human garbage
automated machinery circulates green paperbacks

Beggars gather to scare vultures
immigrant accent ancient language ritual
repeat offenders stand in line to repeat
synchronized pulsation pumping flesh for fifty

Preferential parking alloted to mischiefs
armor tanks ignore tricolor stationary lights
broken beer bottles sketches young punk's turf
circulating in bands to terrorize merchants

Blood stains regulate activity into normality
hand weapons polished conventional animosity
political environment appraises votes for comfort
judicial confirmation an affirmation of indifference

Sacred values traded for scarred immediate needs
drug pushers glamorize its usage
freudian sexual gratification shadows its purpose
toll booth collectors parking meter coin operator
scalping money filled wallets into safes
New York City's rotten apple core aborts
benign intentions into absolute immoral degradation