Friday, February 10, 2006

What Maureen Dowd would write if she was me

Well, el Junior Comandante should take time off,
after all, he has attention deficit disorder,
that is, for those who read "Whatever for Dummies",
lack of attention to the bulging deficit now in the trillions -
not trillions of liras, but greenbacks from El Gringo Uncle Sam.

Much comfortable after the first four years
after the judge said to El Junior Jefe,
the kingdom and the reign is yours,
do onto others as you please, please.

There is no secret that judges
deal with the law to impart justice
or to anoint burglars with keeps -
never there's a case of good versus good,
Or is there?

A burglar by virtue of his ability
knows how to con a con. Ask Jim Frey.
A burglar knows to keep security (not social)
with phantoms and listening toys.

Hocus focus, pay attention,
Machiavellian distractions -
send the boys over there,
build a bridge to Alaska too.