Monday, May 01, 2006

Cinderella, try this shoe on,
if it doesn't fit, someone else will put them on;
the jester brings a sidekick to the gala
to deflect attention from his bumbling self;
call the plan an invasion or a settlement -
call the reverse plan to build a wall by the rio,
change the status without much forethought:
political myopia is the game for a vote.
Cinderella, you are so pretty in your cheap dress,
did you leave the pen's door open
for the rascal to scrounge some bucks,
to scrape the bottom of the well
or don't you care at all.
I know, I know, all come through the door;
but could I go to their house unannounced?
Silly me Cinderella for not looking the other way,
but while I did look the other way -
others were lining up outside the door,
and then through the windows.