Friday, May 29, 2015

Echo Pool - Fast Lane: Get out of the way!!!!!

For the past few weeks, I have been going to Echo Pool, to train for an upcoming triathlon. I have gone late in the morning, mid-afternoon, and today, I went to the morning hour dedicated for swimming laps.

Okay, I go inside the pool, I see the lane set-up of all six lanes for laps.

Okay, I see people power walking in the lane, even though the sign clearly says not to.

Okay, I see many swimmers gingerly doing their laps at their pace.

I see a lane dedicated for "Fast Swimmers Only".

For weeks, and including this morning, the "Fast Lane" might as well been the slow poke lane.

And, I am okay if there's no one on the lane that's going fast.

But then, if I pass you on every other lap, why not get a hint and move to a lane that suits your pace.

I couldn't establish a steady pace, as every time, I caught up, I had to speed up and pass.

Believe me, I am as patient as I can be. But, if I am paying $7 dollars each time to end up frustrated with slow swimmers, what's my choice?

I know during the ocean swim portion of the Cedar Beach triathlon is going to be a trying experience. Not 'cause of nature's elements, but the feet, the arms, flailing everywhere.

Good grief!


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