Monday, May 04, 2015


I know that I am not the fastest or the slowest.
And I know that I finally enjoy swimming.
All those years of swim training at Academia de Natacion Ferretti (Guayaquil, Ecuador) left me soured with the sport.
Although I have bittersweet memories of my swim coach, who's real name I don't know, only his nickname - NARANJILLA.
Man, was he intense to the point of pushing everyone to excel, and for that I thank him.
I don't know if he's even alive, but he used to pace up and down the pool yelling at us.

Now, as I am training for the sprint triathlon, I am remembering every single detail of every stroke.
Incredible how fast one can go if the proper technique is applied. And the better the pull, the more distance is gained forward.

Swim, swim, swim. Count one lap, count forty laps, county sixty laps.
It's intoxicating.


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