Wednesday, May 27, 2015

In the zone - Bike & Run

4:41 am read the electronic sign for the Coral House, on Merrick Road, Baldwin, as I zoomed by on the road bike. With the sunrise approaching, and a light wind pushing me eastward, I pedaled at this ghostly hour, when cars delivering newspapers and milk grates make their stops at the multiple, local 7-11 Convenience Stores.

Part of the triathlon plan was to train for the bike & run portion, albeit an abbreviated version of the Sprint distance event. I had to practice for the "bricks" on the T2 transition.

I biked on Merrick Road eastbound up to Henry Street in Freeport, south to Atlantic Avenue, head west to Brower Avenue in Oceanside, where this road becomes Oceanside Road. Right back onto Merrick Road, and home for a quick change of shoes to sneakers.

No wobbly legs this time; a much better transition and fast without my heart rate shooting up like last time. I ran 3.3 miles along Merrick Road westbound, Oceanside Road south, Foxhurst Road eastbound, Grand Avenue north, Merrick west, and home sweet home.

I was on a natural high for at least one hour. Coffee, and depressing news on the paper to bring me back to sad earth.

Well, I don't know anyone who was up at 4 am this morning to live what I did above.

You can't buy this feeling anywhere.


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