Monday, October 31, 2005

Too much humanity

"There are five hundred millionrolling over their brains.."- Jorge Zalamea

What's there to do with so much humanity,
so disposable, insatiable
noisy, bellicose
Where will the piles of waste end up
when the green surface ceases to breathe.
So many millions of hearts that couldn't be used
to fertilize flowers;
so many millions of eyes that didn't see
beyond, the depth of, the crystal screen;
so many millions of gallons of blood
that never saw the silence of a dawn;
so many millions of lungs
pried open by stabbing knives and bullets;
so many millions of tears that landed
in the forest's tombstone and
never sacrificed their being to live
What's all the suffering worth, if nothing was sowed?
The statistic of our existence erases
the mundane element of humanity,
we live and die like the shadow
that depends on the opposite clarity of the moment
Now when one or a few million die amongst us,
nobody will waste their acidic tears
Go see where the insects will carry our remains!

Reo Del Cigarrillo
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