Wednesday, May 17, 2006

better than Kevin Johansen?

saldevate - 4:04 PM ET May 12, 2006 (#9461 of 9476)
Reo Del Cigarrillo

quizas, pero no se donde

Martin - check out Kevin Johansen and the Nada, the album title is City Zen, that guy is incredible....he's got a song that goes "No es un bar, no es un pub, es el Buenos Aires Antisocial Club...", talk about a bilingual artist, he's one to check out..

martinbeck3 - 9:56 AM ET May 13, 2006 (#9462 of 9476)

Of course I know Kevin Johanssen he´s the coolest,He was in Pinamar(holiday place) this summer but we couldn´t get tickects.Everybody said it was a great concert.

martinbeck3 - 9:59 AM ET May 13, 2006 (#9463 of 9476)

Everybody listen to Kevin:

martinbeck3 - 12:42 PM ET May 13, 2006 (#9464 of 9476)

Kevin could do good using your lyrics.His are O.K. but yours are much better.