Monday, February 08, 2010

My "thing" is to write, so I do.

I love music
From listening to Irish bagpipes,
Dominican bachata,
Colombian cumbias and vallenatos,
Classical orchestral and string music,
Progressive and heavy rock,
Alternative and industrial rock

To the pitter patter of rain drops,
The metal grinding of the 7 train rails.

My oldest daughter, who is in fifth grade
Takes orchestra band music, jazz music
Takes piano lessons from a moody piano young instructor
(who's teaching her higher theoritical levels of music)
She plays the piano, cello, violin, recorder and now bells and cymbals,
All by her own endeavour, not ours.

Her school teacher taught her how to play
Crazy Train by Ozzie Osbourne and Randy Rhoads,
Now is teaching her Ironman on the piano,
By who else - Black Sabbath.

I'm ok with this, who would have thought that there's complexities in heavy metal.

Crazy music,
Crazy tastes.


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