Saturday, May 30, 2015

Echo Pool - My own lane: Thank You

Today, Saturday, May 30, 2015, I expected nothing but the same as yesterday. Slow swimmers in Fast Lanes.

There were 3 lanes set up for lap swimmers, and half of the pool open for fun.

I had the audacity to ask one of the polite lifeguards to make another lane for yours truly.

Before I knew it, my request was fulfilled.

I was free like a whale to swim at my pace. A woman joined me, but she kept her distance and pace. Many times, she waited for me at the wall to pass her, and then she would swim right behind me, until she sensed that I was catching up to her.

I was able to do 40 laps of freestyle, another 20 laps of a faster pace freestyle, 10 laps of breaststroke, and ended the session with another 20 laps of fast freestyle.

I felt great.

Thanks Echo Pool for today!

PS: Next Saturday is the Cedar Beach Triathlon. Barring any disasters, I should be fine to finish strong.


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