Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Dukes of Hazzard

Contra went out on a date,
He was wearing a new t-shirt,
“Don’t shoot, I am not Afghani,
I’m Italian”

Contra couldn't recognize and
much less make out
with his chick, she had on
an Israeli gas mask, and
when she took it off,
her powdered lips
tasted like Anthrax

It is just the sign ofthe times:
bomb threats,
false alarms, tight security,
nervousness and apprehension
of flying next to someone
while brown

Contra finds it difficult not to
move his booty now that he has learned
new dances: The Rockthrower Intifada,
The Rosebush Hezbollah,
TheAfghani Power Vacuum ,
ThePakistani Shortstep,
The NorthAllegiance Taliban Sidestep,
The Jihad Building Slammer
and many others that he learns
from CNN

Contra has not been swept by
the recent rash of emotions
emanating from the flag bearers,
who try to backfill their sadness,
remorse, fear and guilt by displaying
the good old red, white and blue,
nor does he plan to get a tattoo
with the NYPD or FDNY logo

He's not sure if he is just tired
or jaded by everything -
he's seen the images replayed in
every newscast from dawn to dusk
on the Al Jazeera channel

He'll go back to his pinball machine
and relax while watching re-runs
of "The Dukes of Hazzard"

From "Salt 'N Pepper"
Copyright Material