Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Five Chicks

Sapo couldn't go to lunch
with his co-workers, who
were taunting him for being
antisocial and reserved

Sapo had other plans,
he was busy with 5 chicks,
who were teasing him
about a new haircut that
he got yesterday in Astor Place
They said, "Sapo, your haircut is phat",
and he shyly smiled

The 5 chicks and Sapo
had a round of Long Island ice tea
to loosen their inhibitions

Right away Sapo started
thinking about sex on the beach
with this other punk rock
chick named Bloody Mary
and the other chicks

Sapo never had two chicks
at the same time during his
wild college days,
he couldn't believe that
he was going to
get lucky with 5

The steady flow of cheap drinks,
the constant ribbing and not to
mention "accidental pelvic" rubbing
bought too much attention
from strangers to the group

Sapo and the 5 chicks were admonished
to leave the premises immediately
without making a fuzz or a peep

Sapo dejectedly drove away
with the 5 chicks inside the
right pocket of his polyester pants
There would be no culmination
this night, not in public
at least

Reo Del Cigarrillo
Salt 'N Pepper