Monday, November 21, 2005

Let's make a baby

You unfaithful bitch,
"puta infiel",
I took you out of your
stinking country, thinking
that you would be my loving
wife, and I catch you
as loving nationwide

I got you legal papers,
paid for your airfare
and all associated transactions,
paid for your stupid English lessons,
bought you new wardrobe,
I got you a decent job
to work in an office,

I put you up in a nice apartment,
with new appliances and
new furniture
I leased for you an SUV
with automatic windows and
air conditioner,

I hooked you up with some
decent friends and
took in your mother too

"So what?
you call this a life,
this is slavery,
cook for you 3 meals a day,
change the bed sheets,
go to the supermarket,
stop by the dry cleaner,
clean the house,
work 40 plus hours,
pretend I like your shallow friends,
and going to boring baseball games,
no relaxation or hobbies,
no real friends, only the
remote control and the vibrator
help me pass the time
in the evening

Lose a third of a paycheck
to taxes, lose 8.50 % to
taxes on regular sales,
Lose sleep to hear you snore,
you are such a bore"

That's it,
let's have a baby

From "Salt 'N Pepper"
Reo Del Cigarrillo