Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A boxer steps into the ring
and showers his opponent
with rose petals.

The overhead light burns
the referee's toupee while
announcing the start of the match.

Cameras focus in at the Jesus Christ
cross worn in the cheerleader's cleavage,
a fly is saved.

Ordinary men gather to smell and
absorb the violence emanating
from the angry poet's fist.
Attention is given to the price
list at the counter, where credit
is accepted for all purchases.

The prostitution rests, declares
the lazy lawyer vying to get some
action as a sidebar, free, of course.

Line up and escort the shallow graves
while weeping widows drink
waterdowned beer and belch words.
Attention spans are fixed, for at least,
ninety seconds, as the books tumble
and crash on the mat,

it's over.

Reo Del Cigarrillo
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