Monday, November 14, 2005

Hawaiian in Nueva York

A fight broke inside
Grand Cholo Terminal
between Los Guapos and Los Conquistadores,
not over a woman,
which is typical when the
Baccardi bottles are emptied
while waiting for their departing flight,
but over a rhetorical question made by
a white man in the crowd,
“Have you ever heard of a Hawaiian
move to New York?”

Los Guapos argued that they
have seen Hawaiian people move
to NY, and the Conquistadores
said why would anyone from paradise
come to NY. and had strong objections
to that remark

It seems that Los Guapos can’t tell
the difference between a Hawaiian
and a Latin person, and Los Conquistadores,
being descendants from the colonizers,
could tell between cholos, mestizos, and
all different types of mixed bloods.

The argument continued as Los Guapos
and Los Conquistadores boarded
the plane from Grand Cholo Terminal
to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic,
and they all decided to open up
another bottle of clear Baccardi
and relax during the flight.

As the plane backed off the terminal,
the strange white man put on a
Hawaiian shirt and waved “aloha”.


From "Salt 'N Pepper"