Monday, November 28, 2005

Funky Mood

Contra couldn't figure it out,
though once he had the answer
to everything, it didn't matter
what type of situation
or problem. He would
be very dogmatic,
very automatic

He had lost his mind
by speaking what was in it,
instead of being controlled,
thought out, thorough,
and he remembered from
his lost childhood that words
leave scars under the skin
that time can't heal

Contra tried to clear his head,
took a long walk along the shore,
while the tide erased his footprints
left behind
He saw the faces of children
playing in the waves and sand
that he once wore with a smile
He saw the joy of children
running into the ocean waves
as they splashed and tumbled
without a care in the world

Nothing could bring Contra back
from his funk,
not even the naked girls
playing volleyball in the beach,
not even the sight of naked women
taking naps while laying on their blankets
showing off their beautiful trimmed bushes

Contra knew something was terribly wrong,
he had no reason to smile
or much worse,
he had no reason to live for,
except his 5 year old daughter,
who was the only reason
that stopped him from
taking his borrowed life and
return it to the giver high above

Salt 'N Pepper"