Thursday, December 29, 2005

Never be enamored of a poetess

be enamored of a poetess who
writes with feathers and clouds
in December,
but, if you must,
allow her to whisper words and sounds;
let her caress your eardrum
with that subtle inflection
which tames hated beasts
by illiterate letters.

Though I warn -
don't open your heart
so that her tears combined with
the salt of your blood germinate
mornings on unicorns sprinkled
with snow flakes.

Never allow a poetess
to look into your eyes,
for you will see the moon burn
and the sun swim in oceans of roses;
your legs will break with spellbinding
pleasure born from her carnal wound.

Never walk by the hand of
a poetess under the dark
canopy of the night, for the
winds will come to lift
the ashes covering your name
engraved on the marble tombstone.

Reo Del Cigarrillo Diciembre 5, 2003