Monday, December 05, 2005


Will the bloated cow
thank the farmer
when the famine begins?

Will leaves and owls
hang from trees
when the last wind arrives?

Who will define the amount
of suffering needed to redeem
all the wrongdoing, driven by
the materialism and need
to selfishly consume without
any regard to the consequences
for the generations to come?

How far will the aching back
bend before it breaks and collapses,
just to realize that this self-pity
is just a symptom of excess
that surrounds the masses?

Who will remind that crosses
have bled in the name of resurrection
and of the chances given to redeem
the misguided souls off their errant
and deviant behavior?

When is the time that everything
will be erased, or at least, decimated,
to comprehend that the masses
are meant to compliment
the chosen few to lead the astray?

When will the voice of reason
disperse the suspended clouds
of confusion that appear to convince
that lies are now the truth?

Who will beat the drums of war
while the beast repossesses
the feeble minds to hide under
the dark cover of fear and prosper?

Who will call up the defiant voice
filled with angst and despair as it
attempts to lead the path to
the mountaintop?

Who will be the next carpenter
to save us from ourselves?



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