Monday, November 07, 2011

Ten Years Ago - Tempus Fugit

November Poem - I

The sore November days,

achingly fade away every evening,

dispersing sprinkles and sparkling rays

as the year end arrives careening

Streams of dreams gather to glitter,

ebbing the realization of reality,

counting wing flaps the butterfly flutters,

reaching the end of life to immortality

Folded arms like lawn chairs,

eagerly stretch across to assist

in times of hopelessness and despair,

while death and flies conspicuously persist

Walls and doors are built to divide,

leafless trees shrivel during the winter months,

embedded roots remain dormant and hide,

lifeless rooms ensconce the nest at once

Time is shared and regarded secret,

it starts before it begins

and has room to store the unforgettable regret,

but never announces when it all ends

November 27, 2001

November Poem - II

Silence rages, crippled between

the fluctuation of voids and sounds

The hound dogs are corralled

inside the cages of their howls

The sun rays are calibrated

by the oscillating terse dance of clouds

Tired Mondays in December

grow fond of heated lovers

quarreling to regain their passion

Drama fills the doldrums

of monotony, repetition and boredom

Trapped words anticipate the descent

of truncated thoughts to become phrases,

later sharpened swords of liquid images

Poetry extricates the thorns and nails

spreading oceans of volatile emotions,

the flame burns, the blame yearns

to entrench cascades of fertile seeds

Clasp the antagonist rebellion of flowers

Rotate backward all the hours

reinvent the whimper of infancy,

instead of augmenting the intensity of lunacy

November 29, 2001

November Poem - III

Far removed from the edges of time and space

in the middle sphere of the sandless harbor,

the day reclines its forehead and bows

to the impending arrival of the stillborn night

Incandescent moon light separates the soul

from the silhouette and its contorted body

Strangers roam to strangle the anticipation

of fear in captivity and avoid loneliness

The wind settles down and leaves behind

not a trace of its existence on the concrete sidewalk

The clouds loom and move to blanket

the earth's eye from the gazing stars

The inhibitions found underneath parabolic arches,

discretely share a home with the spider's womb

The elliptical displacement of the planets

around the eyes of the elm tree nurture

nature to forgo the revolution of implosion

The facial features of time and space

bear no resemblance to the dimensions

formulated on paper by mankind

Disavow coherent thinking to rationalize

the unknown phases and statistical projections

November 30, 2001


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