Sunday, August 04, 2013

The grandmother

And with disdain on her eyes
the grandmother viewed her granddaughter's friends.

The grandmother turned around and said to her son,
If you father was alive to see this, his blood would boil.

The son proceeded to invite his mother,
If you feel this strong about your granddaughter's friends,
you can well tell her in your own words.

The son asked his mother:
Would you like to have two people of the same race
be together, who can't stand each other, be together,
just for the sake of a sham public appearance?
Or would you prefer, two people of different races,
creeds, who make each other happy and are genuine,
with their intentions?

The mother was still bothered that her granddaughter
had friends who were on the exterior much different.
It's not easy to change views after more than seventy years,
a whole life with this incomprehension.


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