Tuesday, May 13, 2008

C!ertamente, no d!r!g!do a algu!en conoc!do, ejem

)des( grac!as del pres!dente )no(rteamer!cano
Por )!ns( destru!r la ) !m(moral!dad )de(generada

)des( grac!as m! quer!do bush!to
Por ser la peor )des(grac!a en la h!st )e( or!a
De la frag!l hu)man(!dad

)d!s(culpa por)no( tener el valor de )an!qu!lar(lo
Su )es(caso cerebro
)duer(me b!en en)ano(
Que todo esta b!en mal)dito(
Púdrete en v!da, tal como lo has hecho, b!cho.

Mallo !E, MMVIII

Thursday, May 08, 2008

My 45 RPM record

Is my life at 45 rpm?

It has been a great 45 rpm life

Sometimes it's scratched and repeats itself

Sometimes it's the new song you can't turn off

Sometimes it's the song you listen as you drive far

Sometimes it's the song you buy an import version


Next week

Second of the season

i went out this morning around 5:15 am -
this time to Freeport Nautical Mile
everything looked desolate, empty, and

i wondered where the fishermen were
are they already back and sleeping?
are they still out there at sea?

what am i doing?
perhaps planning
to come again in the future
with a camera and capture the images
that i've witnessed, as they seem surreal

i kept looking behind me for a patrol car or a sea gull
only the bare silhouette of my shadow kept track of my existence

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

First of the season

Woke up a little before 5am
I had lots of energy with the great sunrise pending
Put some air on the low tires
Put on my biking gear

And around 5:15am hit the road
It's an amazing feeling to ride a bike
It's like holding the bull by the horns
And you are in control
You go where I say

Rode for almost an hour
At high intensity
My legs and hands were cold
But I didn’t care
I was feeling alive again
High, if you will.

I know in a few minutes I will crash
That's the price of the ride.