Thursday, February 01, 2007


Chica, chica, me puedes decir
porque rondas con un hombre tan feo como yo,
si ni personalidad poseo,
ni dueño grande del trofeo.
Será que quieres verte sublime a mi lado
cuando la gente compare tu miel a mi rostro barbudo?
Que drama tramas chica, chica,
platica y no mastica
predica y no practica
con talqueado sombrero blanco.
Si voy en cuatro patas, insensata gata mulata,
si luego ruego por fuego, mi llave abre la puerta.
Chancho, puerco, marrano, cerdo, te quiero, de acuerdo.
Yocopulo Ellacopula Tuocupas
Yoescribo Ellalee Tulees
Yofornico Ellafornica Tucomplicas
Yovivo Ellavive Tueresnupibe
Yomeo Ellamee Tumees
Monta mi moto y te hago vibrar
Hei moderfocar te vas a cagar
En Miami hablam asim
la cubana lo dice y tu tanga tambiem
Parto tu sandía en dos
y tu ojo guiña entro feroz
Where do you spammers get the idea
that anyone in here is interested
in the garbage and filth you are posting?
Do you really see yourself as a reliable source
of deliverable products?
Do you really think it warrants all the effort
to go through the website and
annoy those of us who wouldn't give you
a dime for your trash?
Why would anyone buy anything from spammers,
I mean, you are worse than anything worth repeating?
Is your purpose in life less than that of an amoeba,
at least excrement is processed as a secondary product?
I know you spammers won't read this,
most likely you'll never even bother to come back to this website,
you have annoyed all of us here, who tolerate most any crap;
to say you are ridiculous would imply any sense of worth,
in this case, zero.