Monday, October 31, 2005

Too much humanity

"There are five hundred millionrolling over their brains.."- Jorge Zalamea

What's there to do with so much humanity,
so disposable, insatiable
noisy, bellicose
Where will the piles of waste end up
when the green surface ceases to breathe.
So many millions of hearts that couldn't be used
to fertilize flowers;
so many millions of eyes that didn't see
beyond, the depth of, the crystal screen;
so many millions of gallons of blood
that never saw the silence of a dawn;
so many millions of lungs
pried open by stabbing knives and bullets;
so many millions of tears that landed
in the forest's tombstone and
never sacrificed their being to live
What's all the suffering worth, if nothing was sowed?
The statistic of our existence erases
the mundane element of humanity,
we live and die like the shadow
that depends on the opposite clarity of the moment
Now when one or a few million die amongst us,
nobody will waste their acidic tears
Go see where the insects will carry our remains!

Reo Del Cigarrillo
Copyright Material

Friday, October 28, 2005

The importance of cell phones:

A conversation

the cell phone rings....

Hey, what's scratching?-

Just calling to see what's up?

Everything's the same,
you know, nothing changes.-

How's C. Lo?

She looks good today.-

Maybe she's got a new man
and her husband doesn't know it.
You gotta see Aida Potato,
she looks good too.-

She's going out with the Spaniard
and her husband doesn't know it either....
I can't remember his name.

Too bad you are not here,
right now in front of the building,
there's this Guyanese American Princess,
a "gap", you know,
walking with short short khaki pants,
tight shirt you can see her rack,
walking real fast to Security Desk.-

You outta sit outside
and introduce yourself,
give her your meat.

Did you know your buddy
Elias Xanapapoulos quit?-

You mean Jumbo Greek?

Yeah, he had it with your co-workers.-

Nah, he was bringing his family to Texas

How about Connie,
how is she looking?-

Not that good, the age
and the sun reveal her leather face
Too bad, her rack is beautiful.-

Are you still working at the cemetery?

Yeah, I am working the graveyard shift.-

Alright man, I gotta go, talk to you later.

Alright Mamoni-

No, that's Super Mamoni to you

Alright man, talk to you later,

get me some cholas next time.

Press button, hang up.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

One, I am,
we are,
All and one,
we are alone
Once one
was none
then there
were one more
One more
One can't survive
One after zero
is someone
One before two
is first
One divided
will split
One divided
into itself
is undecided,
a fraction,
as it stands
between being less
than itself
I am one,
in this world
One soul
on loan
Reo Del Cigarrillo
Copyright Material

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Listening to
Coldplay's latest X & Y -
good highway driving music:
Tired Hooker

In the heat of a love session
Sapo all of sudden blurted,
"I love you, but..."

Her legs clammed up
right away and his words
at that point were meaningless

Sapo called her on the phone
a few times after that incident
to no avail,
but Sapo didn't give up

He went after her friend,
she was willing to fill in
for her despondent girlfriend

Sapo got her all liquored
up with aguardiente
She was a prey for the hunter
and the hunter tripped

She said to him in Spanish
"fill me up papi, fill me up",
Sapo became enraged
when she said this
and the hunter's bow and
arrow turned to rope,
there was no sense in pushing
at that point
Sapo said to her "I love you, but.."

She said it's alright
I am just a tired and worn down
Hunts Point hooker
and I can still take it

From "Salt 'N Pepper"
Reo Del Cigarrillo - Copyright Material
El mundo se comio al mundo
y todavia tiene hambre.
El mundo siguio a las estrellas
del universo para saciarse
y trajo lombrices cerebrales.
El mar esta lleno de botellas,
gritando socorro a cuatro vientos,
y lo unico bonito
que se ha cruzado en mi camino
ha sido la lectora bilingue
de la biblioteca -
de quien me enamoraria
con locura.
Pero mis cuarenta y dos mayos,
y la cuenta cargada en los hombros
no me dejan quitar el bulto
de una sonrisa oculta.
2,000 Dead y el pendejo manda...
Bin Laden anda paseando...
Sube el precio de gasolina..
Y los bichos en el desierto andan alborotados
Descansen en paz

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Gold & Flesh Per Ounce

NYTIMES Excerpts

October 25, 2005
Over 13 years, Newmont has moved mountains for gold - 30 tons of rock and earth for every ounce. By the time it is through, the company will have dug up a billion tons of earth. Much of it will be laced with acids and heavy metals.

October 24, 2005
Sex in "Human Trafficking" is depicted as torture and rape, and prostitution as the growth industry of international organized crime. "An ounce of cocaine, wholesale: $1,200, but you can only sell it once," an immigration and customs official, Bill Meehan (Donald Sutherland ), says. "A woman or a child, $50 to $1,000, but you can sell them each day, every day, over and over and over again. The markup is immeasurable."
5 Minute Break

I am taking a 5 minute break
said the traffic attendant
His co-worker said
"you haven't even started your shift"

That's alright,
you take 5 minutes and 5 minutes
and so on you got 8 hours responded
the traffic attendant

"Give me 5 minutes
with a chola like
Jennifer Lopez and
I could sleep 8 hours"
said the co-worker

In the mean time,
traffic backed up
and no one could move in any direction,
neither the traffic attendant
nor his co-worker were fazed
by the cars honking their horns

"It don't really matter,
I am going to be here 8 hours,
5 minutes at a time,
all I make is minimum wage and
it's not worth the hassle"
said the traffic attendant

"Man, you got to get serious,
5 minutes with JayLo is big time love,
can't understand why Pee Diddy let her go"
said the co-worker"

It's life, just like traffic,
it all goes away sooner or later",
said the traffic attendant

From "Salt 'N Pepper"
Reo Del Cigarrillo - Copyright Material

Monday, October 24, 2005


Korea - World Cup 2002

A gringo felt at home when he saw
in the commercial centers
some familiar establishments:
Kentucky Fried Chicken,
Taco Bell,

However, he felt adventurous and entered
a Korean restaurant.
The waiter mentions:
"Today's lunch
exclusively for executives is canine stew,
with herbs and fresh vegetables,
a portion of steamed rice.
It also includes an appetizer and desert.

"The gringo was astounded: Canine?
The waiter confirms it.
The gringo asks:
"Don't you have anything French
like fries or something Italian
like pasta or pizza

"The waiter nods his head left to right, no.

No thanks,

I'll have a hot dog to go.

Reo Del Cigarrillo - Copyright Material

Friday, October 21, 2005

Every Morning

Contra goes in to work
every morning at 7:30 a.m.
Goes in front of the security guard,
who still asks for his I.D.
after seeing him more than 7 years

Contra carries the NY Times
(that he buys from the 7-11)
under his arm and he seems
quite worldly and knowledgeable,
only to disguise the emptiness
of his soul and pockets

Contra knows his routine,
who he will argue with,
who he will send nasty emails
and calls home to let everyone
know that everything is fine

Every morning the cleaning people
exit the building at the same time
where Contra goes to work
They leave and he's in
They worked the graveyard shift
and Contra works regular hours
The cleaning people toil every night
in the empty and lifeless restrooms -
their sprays, mops, brooms, toilet paper rolls,
sponges, recyclable bags and empty
soda cans (still a nickel a can)

They take a break at 2:00 a.m.
while somewhere in the suburbs
Contra is taking a leak in his nice bathroom

Contra goes back to sleep,
and the cleaning people go to the next stall -
"this one is clogged, close the door,
leave it for the morning crew"

Contra checks in again at 7:30 a.m.
with his usual gloomy demeanor
The cleaning people leave the building
wide eye open and full of life
they exclaim in their broken English
"What a beautiful day!

"From "Salt 'N Pepper"

Reo Del Cigarrillo at: 7/15/03 7:57 am

Thursday, October 20, 2005

On my cd player right Gorillaz, Demon days
The boring morning of an adult store clerk

Early in the morning -
no one's up
except chirping birds
and a vulgar snake.

The decadent summer heat rises,
dense sweat drops rest,
coffee brews in the kitchen,
naked I sit back on the couch,
open legs like a used book.

I've got sleepy women on both sides
and a sick one looking up
where extremities meet .

My perverse arms embrace
the curvaceous hips of an acoustic guitar
as it rests on my empty stomach,
vibrating as I scratch
her strings and hum
a new melody.

Yet, I remain bored
by it all, and shortlyI'll get dressed
to labor at the adult store.

An repeat it again tomorrow.

Reo Del Cigarrillo Copyright Material

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

English instructor falls for brown skin girl

"What do you want from me?",
said the brown skin girl to the English instructor.
"For now, some candy mints.
Other than that, things I can only say in the dark of the night",
he replied.

She blushed, not expecting this direct response.
"Your husband won't let you out tonight anyway",
the instructor interjected."

Don't worry, my gringo man",
she said.
The English instructor discusses the matter
with a colleague, who said to him:
"Just tell your chola that you are going out tomorrow night
to do some sports.
You'll be all sweaty from chasing the brown skin girls anyway,
that your chola won't know the difference.
Just make sure you keep score, of time, that is".

That night, the English instructor met the brown skin
girl at the restaurant, they had a pleasant conversation,
and drank some ice-cold,
brown bottled Pilseners
to ease up the tension built up inside them for a long time.

Back in his government issued natural gas vehicle,
he tried to whisper some "sweet-nothings" in Spanish in her ear,
as he tried to unbutton her sturdy bra.
She got worked up
more by his devil blue eyes and pale skin
than any word
he inflicted to the Spanish language.
Love is beautiful
when opposites attract,
and more so, when it's prohibited.

From "Salt 'N Pepper", Copyright Material.

JJ Rousseau,
El Contrato Social (fragmento)-

La dulce voz de la naturaleza ya no es una guía infalible para nosotros, ni la independencia que de ella recibimos es un estado deseable; la paz y la inocencia se nos han escapado para siempre, antes de que pudiéramos disfrutar de sus delicias; la feliz edad de oro, insensible para los estúpidos hombres de los primeros tiempos y que se les escapó a los hombres ilustrados de tiempos posteriores, fue siempre un estado extranjero a la raza humana, sea porque no lo reconoció cuando pudo gozarlo o porque lo perdió cuando pudo conocerlo.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Fórmula inscrita de Sir Isaac Newton

Newton nunca tuvo que formular,
más que con el número de manzanas
el concepto de la gravedad terrestre,

el trazo de la línea glútea:

cercado en el sur por la loma del torso esbelto
y al norte polar por la cordillera de piernas,

protegiendo la hondura del interior húmedo de la selva espesa

a la entrada penetrante e intrusa del reino masculino.

La esponja del cañón se prolonga,
la proteína se prepara para la descarga
y la constante de la gravedad sigue 9.8 m/s2

Reo Del Cigarrillo Copyright Material

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Adverse Advice

It is always silly thing to give advice, but to give good advice is absolutely fatal. I hope you will never fall into that error. If you do, you will be sorry for it - Oscar Wilde

Adverse advice to be cool
and nice drink Jack Daniels heavily
smoke Camels daily

Crack a crude joke
push for heart stroke
go hail a yellow taxi
inhale gas from refinery

Slip an unmarked envelope
get a whore and elope
beat up all your friends
jump in front of #7 train

Splash crud on your face
monkey see human race
indulge in frivolous chatter
scourge love on a platter

Nibble, dribble on a teat
Don't restrain to self manipulate
Scraggy, greasy fried chicken
projectile public erection
Thrust your pelvis back and forth
burn the flag on July fourth
Assist with environmental pollution
sink a barge in the protected ocean

Friday, October 07, 2005

Populación: 1

Quiero levantarme
en un domingo cualquier
y tener la opción de reclinarme
en el sofá con los ojos colgados hacia fuera,
o escuchar al viento atravesar por las ramas
y a las aves silvestres en el tímpano.
Quiero estar donde soy
Populación: 1,
hombre del pueblo,
el espíritu nómada literario
hacia el mañana inexplorado.
He cansado y levantado
con anterioridad cotidiana
y he caminado sobre la vida
para vivir un día a la vez.
Muchas veces mis manos tiemblan,
no de los nervios o vergüenza,
la misma manera que la tierra lo hace
en presencia de la vida.

Reo Del Cigarrillo

Octubre 7, 2005
Copyright Material

Cerebral Components

Population: One

I want to wake up
on any given Sunday morning
and have the choice of sitting back
on the couch with my eyes perched outward,
or to listen to the wind through the tree branches
and the bird's chirp inside my earlobe.
I want to be where I am
population: one,
man of the town,
the nomad spirit of words,
on tomorrow's unexplored path.
I have tired and waken up
many times before,
and walked over my life
to catch up one day at a time.
At times my hand shakes
not from nerves or shame,
the same way earth does
in the presence of life.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

From Jones Beach to the skies

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Se puede decir que se llama progreso
pero lo diré con poca certeza,
hoy no me odio tanto,
y quizás así
con los ojos menos
empañados logre ver
el resplandor de una sonrisa
o la textura de un pétalo.

Qué mal trato a la mente
y cuerpo, y aun
sigo a todo vapor.

El próximo objetivo
será de abrir los puños
y poder nadar libremente
sobre las mismas olas
que antes chocaban contra
el malecón planteado
en la playa del corazón.

Llevo bien claro que el mar
tiene mas espinas
por abonar en la garganta.

Dibujo al aire sereno
y reflejo del cilantro
sobre la cebolla roja.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Inclino la mirada hacia el siglo
desplegada en la vitrina del almacén.
Coincidí descubrir una ingle,
no pude evadir el estreñimiento.
No venía de conquistador,
ni domador de fieras.

La electricidad descifró
el laberinto y prendió
la vela de cera.

La brisa apuró
la conclusión del tema.
La cita del infarto capta
las risas eternas
de letras en lápidas.

Soy el recuerdo del mañana;
consideraba entregar
el dominio del mundo
a los niños y usurpar
el poder y control
de los adultos necios.
El futuro debe ser libre de estragos.

Una gota proviene del universo,
quedé pasmado por la escasez de entendimiento -
hoy era otro año más.

Del Libro "Reservorio", Derechos Reservados

Monday, October 03, 2005

Shunt by eyes and ears of others.

Silence ostracizes and leaves scars with its sharp claws Attempts are made to castrate words after the ejaculation, too late.
Too late to squelch the last drops of semen, it drips ever so slowly and the minds are still impregnated by the marks left behind, on paper. Surrounded by the isolation of shadows cast on the floor.
The light still shines and the pen lives one. A momentary distraction by the nymph's exposed breast brings a touch to recover. There are some obturators, who would like to crush and obliterate the waves that bring inspiration back to the shore.

From "The Winter Of Autumn"